Cube Link

Groundfloor Plan View

First Floor Plan View

Second Floor Plan View


This is a second year, group project during which we needed to create a design office in London Metropolitan University building on Commercial Road, Aldgate East. Each group needed to look for a real life company for who they wanted to do the project. Our group choose Matbaa, a Graphic Design and Printing Company. My task in this project was to design a link in the atrium that will connect all three stories of the building and to make renders for the project.

The Cube Link is an architectural journey created through stacked cubes, where people take time to go up and down the stairs, to meet or just to enjoy the view.
Besides the lifts these cubes are the main connection between three floors of the building. They connect the ground floor, first floor and second floor. They also give a particular view through the building and the floors.


London Metropolitan University


Interior Design, Rendering