During this second year project, we were taken to the site of the rooftop on Curtain Road in Shoerditch. It is an area full of creative businesses. The brief was to create a space for employees of companies in the building of Burgabe House, who often go to the rooftop for a break. This should work as a link between each group of people working for a different companies, but sharing same passion – art.

As the leading word is Shadow, I have decided to observe the shape and the movement of the shadow on the rooftop, every hour during the days of year’s solstice, that is on: 21st of March, 21st of June, 23rd of September, and 21st of December. By this method an interesting and dynamic combinations of lines was created. The nest stage was to select the most interesting lines that do cooperate with each other. After that, all that had to be done was to create walls, seating places, lighting and walking spaces and put them in the place of the lines.