Oil Lamps


This is a third year project during which our task was to pick up any object that comes to mind and recreate it or make a design of our own in 3D Studio Max. I have chosen the second option and came up with a new design of an Oil Lamp.

This project presents a set of two stylish Oil Lamps. My design was inspired by both, old style, antique oil lamps and modern oil lamps. The aim was to create a synthesis out of those two, which gave it result in new, unique design.

Choosing an object was the first task of this project. One needed to present the whole development of the design, that is: inspirations, sketches and different stages of modelling in 3D Studio Max, and finally the visualizations of the model.
The second task was to create a space or a room for the object.


London Metropolitan University


Product Design, Interior design, Rendering