Pineapple Dance Studios


This is my Major Project and it presents a new design of Pineapple Dance Studios located on Langley Street in Covent Garden. I wanted to create a recreational space combined with leisure center. Pineapple Dance Studios is all about dancing and in my project I have left it as it is as my main component and chose SPA treatments as a supporting component. The main activity is dance in different forms and styles, but the facility also includes Cardio, Fitness, Body Conditioning, etc. After exhausting training clients can use SPA facilities such as Steam Room, Salt Room, Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi and Mud Bath, or book an appointment for a massage to regenerate the body and refresh the mind. Pineapple Dance Studios and the SPA are two separate facilities, but under one company. They have separate and collective clients, but as Pineapple Dance Studios membership holder one can use SPA facilities for free (Steam Room, Salt Room, Swimming Pool, etc) or with a discount (massages, etc.)

The project is designed to help dancers grow and gain new dancing experience as well as to know what level they are is, where they once were and where they could be in the future. The building grows with the dancer.
Every time a dancer gets to the next level he/she goes to the higher floor. Every floor has a specific dance level: First floor has general and beginner classes, second floor has intermediate and advanced classes, and the third floor has professional level classes and auditions.


London Metropolitan University


Interior Design, 3D Modelling, Rendering, Building Condition Survey